Father sharing a digital file with his son.

Many PDF files contain multiple pages of valuable text. You can search for a particular word, or string of words, within most PDF documents. This saves you valuable time, but this option gets even better. By putting all your searchable PDF files in one digital container, you can search for…

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Everyone enjoys receiving home delivery. Criminals do too. From “porch pirates” to texting scams, you need to employ diligence to stay safe in today’s cyber-driven economy. Good news! You’ll never have delivery problems when using Heirloom.

Doorbell cameras have helped to cut down on porch pirates. Local police have also taken notice. However, the best defense is to remove the criminal’s opportunity by not having unattended packages visible from public access. …

The MP3 is a widely popular format for digital audio. It is playable on any computer operating system and can be streamed through the internet. It’s possible to store thousands of hours of MP3 audio to a single flash drive smaller than your thumb.

Heirloom is all about connections. We connect you with your photos, videos, and other cherished memories. With cloud technology, we better connect families by providing shared access to these treasures. But we also believe in connecting disadvantaged adults to rewarding employment. That’s why every digitizing order in 2020 generates a $10 donation to the Madison House Autism Foundation.

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication. There are helpful therapies, but no known cure. Autistic individuals present a spectrum of behaviors, sometimes favoring repetitive actions. Some on the spectrum have exceptional levels of perception, attention, and memorization. …

Icon for an MP4 digital video

The MP4 is a widely popular format for digital video. It is playable on any computer operating system and can be streamed through the internet. It’s possible to store hundreds of hours of MP4 video to a single flash drive smaller than your thumb.

Grandmother Sharing Memories on the Cloud

First, it was old video reels, then a transfer to VHS cassettes, and later conversion to DVDs! Will outdated media ever stop? Here are the top five reasons to move your family memories to the cloud.

1. Your Loved Ones

Your memories are priceless and deserve preservation. Have you properly secured your family’s cherished photos and videos? Barring a loss to a disaster like a fire, flood, or storm, do your heirs even know the media exists? One of the most effective habits of highly effective people is to “Begin…

Pile of VHS tapes before digitizing

We’re often asked how long it takes to digitize VHS memories. The answer… it depends. More importantly, who is doing the digitizing?

No matter who is doing the digitizing, capturing VHS signal is done in real-time. Therefore, a two-hour video takes at least two hours to digitize. One machine plays the tape, while another captures the signal into a digital format. …

Weber Family Homecoming in 2005

It’s Called Military ‘Service’

Veterans know how to serve. They’re defined by their selfless military duty. Many risk their lives and deploy to hostile areas in defense of their country. Service members leave behind spouses, children, and their favorite possessions. They join forces to serve a cause much greater than their own desires. …

Are you cut off from the past? Are there barriers to enjoying your old photos, videos, and other cherished memories? Does outdated technology keep you from reliving the good times with your family?

Remember this scene from Christmas Vacation in 1989?

Don’t be cut off like Clark Griswold this Christmas…


There are several reasons why digital scrapbooking is better than paper scrapbooking. This is not to say an old-time paper scrapbook is not incredibly valuable. Quite the contrary! For generations, families treasure these one-of-a-kind heirlooms. If you’re blessed to have been handed down a paper scrapbook, please consider preserving…

Heirloom Cloud

Preserving Priceless® media so old photos, home videos, and all cherished memories are enjoyed from any device.

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