Better Together: A Journey Through Madison Fields

Heirloom is all about connections. We connect you with your photos, videos, and other cherished memories. With cloud technology, we better connect families by providing shared access to these treasures. But we also believe in connecting disadvantaged adults to rewarding employment. That’s why every digitizing order in 2020 generates a $10 donation to the Madison House Autism Foundation.

What is Autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication. There are helpful therapies, but no known cure. Autistic individuals present a spectrum of behaviors, sometimes favoring repetitive actions. Some on the spectrum have exceptional levels of perception, attention, and memorization. However, autistic adults in the United States suffer from 80% unemployment, often because of their limited connections to the neurotypical world.

What is Madison House?

The mission of the Madison House Autism Foundation is to create awareness of the lifespan challenges of autistic adults and their families. This includes finding, developing, and promoting the solutions that allow adults with autism to make choices, live as independently as possible, hold jobs, feel connected to their communities, and become participating members of our society. This 501(c)(3) non-profit operates Madison Fields, a working farm in Gaithersburg, Maryland where autistic adults receive job training.

Heirloom thanks Madison Fields for providing a tour of their exceptional facilities. They are a model for connecting autistic adults to job training and employment. Heirloom believes we’re better together, and is pleased to make a $10 donation for every digitizing order received in 2020.

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