The safest way to ship your memories!

Preserving your priceless memories is fast and safe using Heirloom’s Secure Transfer Kit! The kit ships to your door with everything you need. Now, digitizing is easy as 1–2–3!

1. Buy the Kit

At only $29.99, this entire system will cost less than one-way retail shipping costs from most carriers! The Secure Transfer Kit is a sturdy media box, all required packing materials, and a paid UPS shipping label already applied to the box. Purchase of a kit includes hand sorting of media at Heirloom’s facility, digital samples of your media, an exact price quote for digitization, and the return shipping of your original memories.

2. Fill the Box

Even if unsure, put everything in the Secure Transfer Kit for a free quote. We recommend taking a digital picture of the contents so you remember all you sent. Enclose your memories in the waterproof pouches and secure with zip ties. Use just what you need of the environmentally safe (starch) packing peanuts and discard the rest. Lastly, seal with the security tape and initial over the seam. With all the safeguards, Heirloom provides the most secure system to transfer your memories!

3. Drop Off or Request Pickup

There is no standing in a long line to drop off your Secure Transfer Kit, it’s already paid. Simply hand to an agent at your closest UPS Store®, who will provide you a receipt. Or, click to Request a Pickup from the convenience of your home. If unsure, simply call your Account Representative at 800–284–9939 or Chat with us on Facebook Messenger.

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