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Everyone enjoys receiving home delivery. Criminals do too. From “porch pirates” to texting scams, you need to employ diligence to stay safe in today’s cyber-driven economy. Good news! You’ll never have delivery problems when using Heirloom.

Porch Pirates

Doorbell cameras have helped to cut down on porch pirates. Local police have also taken notice. However, the best defense is to remove the criminal’s opportunity by not having unattended packages visible from public access. Request a vendor make delivery on a day you expect someone to be home, or request shipment to an alternate location, like your work address.

Catching porch pirates.

Attended Pickups and Deliveries

Heirloom ensures full accountability of your memories. Whether within our digitization facility or in transit, your order is always secure. Pickups by the United Parcel Service must be in person and you’ll always receive a real-time receipt. This can be from the convenience of your home or work location, or by dropping off at one of nearly 5,000 UPS Store® locations. The returned order will be delivered by your postal carrier who must receive your signature in person. If not home during a delivery attempt, your carrier will leave a note to pickup from your local post office at a time convenient for you. They will never leave your precious media unattended on your front porch!

Texting Scams

Especially during the holiday season delivery rush, scammers are spoofing consumers with harmful text messages. The information claims to be related to a FEDEX, UPS, or USPS delivery but is in fact a malware link. To safeguard the integrity of your data and electronic devices, be sure to pause and consider the legitimacy of any electronic communication.

Fraudulent text message to a malware link.

Trusted Communications

Heirloom often engages with our valued customers through email, SMS text messages, and even social media. We understand how busy life can be, so we communicate the status of your order through a variety of platforms. Heirloom is transparent, so information is sent from our secure domain, toll-free number, or branded social media site. If ever in question, please call 1–800–284–9939 and let us know your concern.

Heirloom is thankful for your trust. We look forward to preserving your priceless memories so your whole family can enjoy them from any device. Get started by ordering your Secure Transfer Kit now!

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Preserving Priceless® media so old photos, home videos, and all cherished memories are enjoyed from any device.

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Heirloom Cloud

Heirloom Cloud

Preserving Priceless® media so old photos, home videos, and all cherished memories are enjoyed from any device.

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