Veteran Culture Defines Heirloom

Weber Family Homecoming in 2005

It’s Called Military ‘Service’

Veterans know how to serve. They’re defined by their selfless military duty. Many risk their lives and deploy to hostile areas in defense of their country. Service members leave behind spouses, children, and their favorite possessions. They join forces to serve a cause much greater than their own desires. Some never return, many return with physical and mental wounds, but veterans never regret fighting for the freedoms that define their nation.

The veteran culture defines Heirloom. We embrace the concept of service above self. We’ve been granted a sacred trust and we safeguard valuable assets. We run to the problem instead of pushing it aside. We take calculated risks when they lead to a greater good. We accept responsibility for our actions. We hold team members accountable. We know what it means to lose a friend, and we rejoice when families are reunited.

The United States Small Business Administration understands the powerful effect of veterans on America’s economic engine. Over 2 million small businesses are owned by veterans. Veteran owned businesses produce $1.14 trillion in annual revenues and employ 5.03 million workers. Except for their military service, these veterans are much like you. They’re moms & dads, brothers & sisters, neighbors, and friends. Supporting veteran-run small businesses feels good, but there’s another reason many consumers keep coming back. That’s because veterans know how to serve.

Heirloom was born out of a problem common to most military families… time to move again. This normally means precious memories sealed in boxes, sometimes in storage for years. Founded by a military family, Heirloom solved this disconnectedness problem. With digitized memories on the cloud, now it’s easy to enjoy your photos and videos from any device. When you call Heirloom, you’re likely speaking with a veteran or the relative of a service member. We understand the apprehension from temporarily parting with your precious possessions, and humbly accept the responsibility to preserve your priceless memories. We also know the joy of reconnecting with family, and consider it our mission to continue serving you with our digitizing service.

Geoff Weber, Heirloom CEO, Iraq

Geoff Weber in Al Fallujah, Iraq

John Rahaghi, Heirloom CTO, The Whitehouse

John Rahaghi with President Obama

Jim Weber, Heirloom Board of Advisors, Vietnam

Jim Weber serving in Vietnam

Nate Weber, Heirloom Digital Marketing, Hargrave Military Academy

Nate Weber as Battalion Commander

Cadets at boot camp constantly shout: “Discipline is the instant willing obedience to orders, respect for authority, and self-reliance.” Discipline is trained so well, that a service member never forgets. It takes discipline to defuse bombs, jump from planes, guard nuclear assets, or protect classified material. It’s not the same stress, but a similar discipline is required to carefully digitize your precious memories. Further, digitizing millions of media items requires a team with skills much greater than those of one person. Heirloom operates with discipline and the precision teamwork often found in small military units.

John and Geoff training in 2002

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines are always prepared for war, but ultimately seek peace. This dichotomy is also a part of Heirloom’s culture. Our mission is both defensive and joyful. We’re rather militaristic about the security of your assets. Our Secure Transfer Kit offers the safest way to ship your memories. Our digital policies ensure the highest degree of data security. However, we also like to play a small part in enhancing your relationships. With digitized media, it’s so easy to share memories at the speed of the internet. Your friends and family will cherish your thoughtfulness. Heirloom makes it easy to remember the good times with those you love.

If you haven’t digitized your memories, consider letting the veterans at Heirloom serve you. Ship your memories to our digitizing facility today. We sort, classify, count, and provide an exact price quotation to digitize your entire shipment. Review digitized samples of your media for quality before paying for our service. If it’s not to your liking, we’re happy to return your shipment, but we’ll always try to make it better. Contact us if you have questions, or simply give us a ring at 800–284–9939. Otherwise, don’t delay and risk losing your precious memories forever. Get started today and experience the finest in service from Heirloom.

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