Why make a digital scrapbook?

Scrapbooks are a great place to curate memories around a common theme. They often contain priceless photographs, handwritten notes, and newspaper clippings. Sometimes they’re adorned with colorful artwork and other decorations to make an extra special memory. With this great time investment, perhaps you should consider making digital scrapbooks so your entire family can enjoy these priceless heirlooms forever?


There are several reasons why digital scrapbooking is better than paper scrapbooking. This is not to say an old-time paper scrapbook is not incredibly valuable. Quite the contrary! For generations, families treasure these one-of-a-kind heirlooms. If you’re blessed to have been handed down a paper scrapbook, please consider preserving it digitally so the memories will never be completely lost to fires, floods, and storms. You can DIY, or seek consul of a professional digitizing company to make you a digital copy.


Too many of these priceless scrapbooks are collecting dust on a bookshelf in one person’s home. Because it’s physical, the paper scrapbook can only be enjoyed from one location at a time. Indeed, multiple people can enjoy the scrapbook when they visit the owner’s residence, but access is often difficult, especially as families reside in multiple regions of the world. A digital scrapbook can be shared with an unlimited number of people, at any location, at any time.


A paper scrapbook is limited to physical items and lacks the ability to include a variety of media. Favorite songs? That special voicemail you saved? Your child’s music recital? A link to a public website? Your wedding video? Only a digital scrapbook provides the opportunity to include non-physical items. Further, it’s real easy to use one memory in multiple digital albums at the same time.


Paper scrapbooks run out of space, but digital storage options are nearly unlimited. It’s not difficult to exceed the storage capacity of a DVD, another external device, or your personal desktop, but no one has ever exceeded the storage capacity of the cloud! If you maintain your digital scrapbook with a good cloud provider, they will scale more storage as you need it. No more filling up bookcases or boxes.


It very difficult to “insert” a new page in the middle of a bound paper scrapbook, but this is so easy with digital technology. Features like copy/paste, cropping, resizing, and other enhancements are much more cumbersome using paper scrapbooks. Digital tools offer the flexibility to rapidly curate your memories without any of the mess of paints, scissors, or glue.

Scrapbooks are treasured heirlooms in many families. Whether you want to digitize a paper scrapbook or create a new digital scrapbook, it’s helpful to plan out the project “beginning with the end in mind.” Where will I digitally store these treasures? Who will have access? How can I copy my physical media to digital? Consult our Memory Digitizing Guide for more information helpful to digital scrapbooking.

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Preserving Priceless® media so old photos, home videos, and all cherished memories are enjoyed from any device.

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Heirloom Cloud

Preserving Priceless® media so old photos, home videos, and all cherished memories are enjoyed from any device.

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